PR Newswire has published an article on a study done by Yahoo and BBDO called “What’s Your Story?”

It’s a great read to know the three forms of media that engage consumers and the information contained under each topic.

1. Paid Media – regular advertising content like ads on radio and television
2. Owned Media – websites and smartphone apps
3. Earned Media – user reviews and news articles

A brand needs to control its marketing strategy looking at these headings. The two ends of the spectrum are the usual choices for dynamic interaction of marketing managers with agencies. Owned media, with the exception of social media content, is mostly left unattended for a long period of time once it’s set in place.

Under the same section the study has a statistic that says:

57% of consumers want to know the history and quirky details of a brand

While there is a need to communicate history and details to consumers, the challenge lies in the content and medium of delivery. Conventional airtime is way too prohibitive in many ways to go in-depth in to the history of a brand. Being quirky without putting out real information on radio or TV can potentially harm the trust factor.

Owned media is a great place to have this content but the mediums have been limited to the obvious. One huge avenue of owned media which people overlook is airtime in their own location. This is particularly viable for retail stores, cafes and restaurants.

If a brand has an outlet where they engage their customers, they must make use of the airtime in their location. Customized in-house radio with branded content is a great way of putting stories and quirky details that are regularly updated. Various segments of announcements can be programmed to play at different times of the day and week. So even for people who are regular customers, they have a fresh listening experience and learn something new each time. This is a huge step in building trust and confidence to help establish a long-standing relationship.

Even if a person doesn’t pay attention to such messages since they are blended with the aesthetics and ambience of the environment, it does affect the subconscious and goes a long way in making a person feel comfortable and secure with a brand.