It’s common knowledge that a branding exercise will include a company to get its logo, website, colour scheme, packaging and store detailing for fit-out. This and more will cover what a brand looks like. But a lot of times, we overlook another important question – “What does my brand sound like?” This is not surprising because the most obvious sensory perception is sight. That’s the first impression for a customer or client. Now that you have a look, get a voice!

What’s the impact? I could answer that question by making a parallel to going to the movies. We all love a good sound track and the voices of our favorite characters in films. Even during the silent film era, the films were played with a soundtrack or a live orchestra in the pit. ?? [Link to something relevant] We know that combining the right visual with the right sonic is the winning combo.

So here are three steps to make your brand be heard.

1. Radio advertising

This is possiblly one of the top choices in advertising wish-lists of brands. The reach of this medium is massive. Everyday millions of people encounter ads on radio. Those 15 or 30 seconds of an ad are a make-or-break point for a listener: often side-tracked, often multi-tasking, often changing channels, but sometimes engaging.

That’s the crucial part. It’s always important for a brand to be relevant to it’s target audience. The creative needs to be spot-on and of course the placement on the right channels and the right times determines whether one gets their point across or not.

2. IVR

Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) systems are standard for most reputed companies. It’s almost without choice that a customer or client will have a better perception of the company if they encounter an IVR that sounds good.

Getting it to sound right means following a three step process:
a. Choosing the right voice
b. Being intentional on delivery and execution
c. Having music that’s aesthetically in tune with the brand image

There are three direct and tangible outcomes of this. Having it done right will make a person:
a. Feel secure about a company’s professionalism
b. Who’s on hold stay for longer
c. Use functionality appropriately without calling on an operator

3. Customized radio station

This is a novel idea to some and familiar to others. Some parts of the world have been progressive and adopted this very powerful tool. This Is ideal for retail stores, cafes, clinics and public offices. It utilizes the speaker system installed in a location to play out curated music playlists integrated with messages recorded and blended aesthetically with the music.

The content of the messages vary across different topics and include:
– Promotions relating to sales, offers and activities
– Highlighting a product
– Company and brand related information
– Value-add tips for customers
– Multi-lingual messages to cater to international customers

Walking in to a store with its own radio station elevates the customer experience to the next level. Interactivity, trust and a complete identity in branding – all falls in place.